What you can expect: 

  1. Quick response – To all inquires before during and after the event
  2. A pleasant planning experience – My job is to work with you to enhance your event and always meet and exceed your expectations
  3. Dynamic and professional presentation – that will inspire and uplift the audience

My most requested topics:

Keynote Talks:

1. Ask for what you want!

Many people go through life excepting what comes to them believing that, that's the best life has to offer. Through Penny's Journey, She shows you that there is another life, IF YOU ASK FOR IT!

2. Start with go!

Many dreams and great ideas never get out of the starting block. Our thoughts start to add up the To-Do List, then we drop the anchor on our dreams. Let's stop dropping the anchor on our ideas and let's START WITH GO!

3. Developing a winning team

Everyone believes if they have the most talent inevitably makes the best team. Penny spent over twenty years as an athlete and twenty years as an executive in the front office, developing three championship teams. Does the most talent, equal the best team? Penny shares what she has learned works in developing a winning team.

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