5 Steps If You Didn’t Get Drafted to the WNBA

  1. Realize your dreams are not over just because you were not drafted. No time to sulk, cry or be upset. You still have a chance to get invited to a WNBA training camp if you do my 2nd step immediately
  2. Reach out to WNBA Coaches and GM directly. (If you have an agent, they should already have spoken with teams about training camp. If they haven’t, FIRE them if you don’t get you into a training camp!). This step is agent 101….  Hopefully, you and your agent have already identified which teams may need your position (Pt. Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, or Center) and have roster space to give you the best opportunity to make the team.  
  3. Once in training camp, I hope you have done your research on all the teams’ players. Especially the players that play your position. Hopefully, you watched film on them so that you can know their strength and weakness to give yourself the best opportunity to make the team (Know Thou Competition). Friendly Reminder: FORGET ABOUT NOT BEING DRAFTED – Earn you a spot on the team. (i.e., Becky Hammon did it, look at her now!)
  4. Come Physically ready (in shape- whatever you are doing, double it up) to compete in training camp. WNBA training camp is short, and teams do not have time to get you in shape. I know. I was a General Manager for 20 years. Players that came to camp (LA Sparks camp) out of shape, I cut them immediately because that showed me they were not ready for the professional level. (Preparation = Success)
  5. Mindset: You have to be mentally tough! If you were not drafted but invited to camp, you have to be ready to outplay and outwork drafted players & players that were on the team last season, which takes mental toughness. Don’t take any plays off, and please – DON’T COUNT PLAYERS in camp. What do I mean when I say “Don’t Count Players” – Don’t start looking around training camp and trying to count which players are already on the team. That’s the fastest way to PSYCH yourself out of a roster spot by assuming that someone is already on the team. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, on what you have to do, that’s the only thing you can control.  

Bonus Advice:  This is important!
You Got this!

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